Final Reflection

I feel like I did accomplish my goal for this project. The feedback that I received from people who attended the gallery walk confirmed this. Several notes that I received said that they didn’t realize that colors had meanings in the U.S and different countries.

I am most proud of the research I did for my project. I put a lot of time into my presentation and to see to good feedback I got from it made me feel really proud. One part I wish I had done differently was how I chose the different countries from each color. The some of the places I had chosen in the beginning were difficult to find information on and I had to change it later on.

From this project, I learned that I really like doing research on subjects that I am interested in. I also learned that I am interested in psychology.

Link to Fashion & Color Psychology Presentation:





I have been making little progress since my last post. I have locations for all of my colors but I am having trouble finding resources to learn more about my last couple of colors. My solution to this obstacle is to choose different locations that I can find more information about.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish all my research by the time we come back from break. My target audience is still anyone who will listen to my presentation which is how I plan to sure my information.

Over the break, I need to finish my research and add the information to my presentation.



So far I have found locations for over half of my colors. I am thinking of adding new colors to my list but I have not yet decided what colors to add.

Before the break starts, I would like to have most of my research done and during the break, I will work on adding the information to my presentation. My main obstacles for this project is trying to find information about colors in different countries.

I feel like everyone can benefit from the research I plan to share in my presentation.

New Project


I have decided to do a continuation of my last project. This time I want to focus more on color psychology around the world. My driving question is: How can I make people aware of the different meanings of colors from around the world?

My SMART goal for this project is to choose a different location for each color and learn information that I can present at the gallery walk. I plan to measure this by seeing if I have information for each color to present at the gallery walk.

Obstacles I might face are……

  • Not being able to choose a location for each color
  • Not finding enough information on each color
  • Not being able to present at the gallery walk

Hopefully, I will not have to face any of these obstacles!



I feel that my project was kind of successful. I was sick the entire week so I missed gallery walk day but I was able to due to my presentation today. I learn from my feedback that people were interested in color psychology so I plan on continuing with this for the next six weeks. I also got feedback on what colors I should add to my presentation such as beige, gray, and orange.

My main obstacle for this project was completing it and presenting after I had been sick for a week. My solution for this obstacle was to finish over the weekend a present today. If I could do this again I would want to do more colors. I learned from this that I really like color psychology.

Update before the Gallery Walk


My driving question has changed a little from when I first started. My driving question is: How can I make people aware of the effects clothing has on a person’s perception of them?

My goal is still to do a presentation during the gallery walk. Right now I am prioritizing finishing my presentation and infographic. They are my major concerns right now when it comes to finishing my project. I give my ability to coordinate my project a 6 because I can plan to do things but I try to finish tasks for my project whenever I can meaning I get off schedule a lot.

My biggest obstacle right now is finishing collecting my survey results and putting them on the infographic. I am trying to get as many people as possible to take my survey so that I can have good results.

How does my project affect the world?



I believe that my driving question, How can I make people aware of the effects clothing has on a person’s perception of them?, is not limited to where I live but that it is addressing a global problem.  Across the global people wear different clothing and are judged based on them.

The best solution to this problem locally and globally is to become more aware of how we judge people and make a decision to try a stop ourselves from doing this. A way to a solution to a local problem is by thinking of it globally and how it affects others outside of where you live.

Project Description


This six weeks I still want to answer the same driving question, How can I make people aware of the effects clothing has on a person’s perception of them?

My SMART goal for this project is to inform people about the effects of clothing and to learn more about costume design. I will accomplish this goal with my product: A presentation of my research and survey results.


  • I can not find enough people to take my survey
  • I don’t find enough research for my presentation
  • I don’t finish on time
  • I don’t get the survey results I’m expecting

Hopefully I don’t have to face many obstacles that I can’t overcome.

Update in Project


This six weeks I still want to answer the same driving question, How can I make people aware of the effects clothing has on a person’s perception of them?

I have already interviewed my human resource for this project. I met her at the university where she works and she gave me a tour before I did my interview. I gained a lot of new ideas for my survey by talking to her.

My target audience is still the students at my school and anyone who will listen to my presentation. I really want to improve on my presentation skills because my product is a presentation presenting my research and survey results