I have been making little progress since my last post. I have locations for all of my colors but I am having trouble finding resources to learn more about my last couple of colors. My solution to this obstacle is to choose different locations that I can find more information about.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish all my research by the time we come back from break. My target audience is still anyone who will listen to my presentation which is how I plan to sure my information.

Over the break, I need to finish my research and add the information to my presentation.



So far I have found locations for over half of my colors. I am thinking of adding new colors to my list but I have not yet decided what colors to add.

Before the break starts, I would like to have most of my research done and during the break, I will work on adding the information to my presentation. My main obstacles for this project is trying to find information about colors in different countries.

I feel like everyone can benefit from the research I plan to share in my presentation.